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We offer a wide range of background check services for use in: pre-employment screening, tenant screening, credit checks and general investigations.

County Criminal Records Search

This search covers both felonies and misdemeanors. Felony records include crimes such as murder, burglary, robbery, embezzlement, aggravated assault, drug trafficking and various sexual assaults. Misdemeanor records include crimes such as assault, theft, drug possession, OMV / DUI and various sexual offenses.

$15.00 per Name / County (Ohio Only) – $20.00 per Name / County (All Other States)

County Civil Records Search

This search covers both upper and lower civil records. Upper civil records include professional malpractice, defective merchandise, sexual and racial discrimination, employment issues, corporate misconduct and physical damage. Lower civil records include eviction, collections, small claims and code violations.

$16.00 per Name / County (Ohio Only) – $20.00 per Name / County (All Other States)

Federal Criminal Records Search

Federal criminal records include espionage, kidnapping, terrorist activity, illegal firearms distribution and possession, major drug trafficking, money laundering and white collar crimes.

$16.00 Per Name / District

Federal Civil Records Search

Federal civil records include class action lawsuits, civil rights violations, anti-trust activity, corporate misdeeds and environmental violations.

Varies - Call or Email for Details

Bankruptcy Search

This search includes various types of bankruptcy filings for companies and individuals.

$20.00 per Name / District

Tax Lien and Judgment Searches

This search covers liens filed at the county and city level for non-payment of various taxes including federal, state and municipal and judgments issued from various courts.

$30.00 per Name / County (Ohio Only) – $40.00 per Name / County (All Other States)

UCC Search

UCC records contain information about commercial lien filings. These records show assets used by businesses or individuals to secure commercial loans.

Varies – Call or Email for Details

Corporate Records Search

This search contains information from Secretary of States Office including fictitious business names, reserved names, articles of incorporation for corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships and trademarks.

Varies – Call or Email for Details

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Please Note: Some searches may include court fees and / or copy costs. These costs are not included in the price. All special order searches are billed at $60.00 per hour. If you have any additional questions regarding our search services, please email Johnerik Wenar.