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In depth ideas, analysis and expertise regarding the protection of people, buildings and groups.



Drawing upon 40 years of professional experience in security, law enforcement and civic involvement, Mr. Johnston currently serves as the president and chief executive officer of API Services Inc. In his position since 1991, he maintains responsibility for managing a team of security professionals.

Commander Johnston draws on his experience as a former police officer and security consultant for municipal governments, universities, and private corporations. He is a recognized public speaker and trainer on the topics of security in the workplace, workplace violence and investigations. He serves as a special deputy with the Madison County Sheriff’s Department.

Speaking Topics

A Journey to No Where
“Being Prepared for the Unknown”
“Do you know the number for 911?”
How do you deal with the unexpected?
“How do you expect the unexpected”
“Daily Routines – One Moment – One time changes your life.”
How to overcome todays’ anxiety, identifying ways to cope with societal threats
“Don’t be a Victim.”

Overall Takeaways

In the world of self-security, Ed will teach everyone in everyday life on how to defend themselves. Unknowingly, it is secretly costing them basic techniques with the ability of becoming the victim.

In order to the “why” and “the outcome”, you need to uncover the hidden power of basic methods. When harnessed correctly, this will help you in everyday situations.

To reduce ever increasing sales cycles and prevent customer indecision, you need to uncover the hidden power of sharing customer stories that convert. When harnessed correctly, this will help you transport your prospect to a world where they choose you as their trusted guide to solve their big problem.

By the end of your time Edward Johnston, you will learn basic techniques to outcome the keeping of a safe place.

By the end of your time with Ed, you will also learn how to make your prospects feel understood, have meaningful conversations that build rapport and share emotive 90-second customer stories that provoke action.

In a top 500 corporation, they shared after they were impressed to learn how to better in protecting themselves from workplace violence and the training that took place with their leadership team of supervisors.

In the learning of why we feel a certain way in our life is based on the following reasons:
Then after high school:



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